Frequently Asked Questions for Divers

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the search engine work?

The website searches dive courses and dive trips around an island or city. You can choose between a variety of options to find your Best Dive Program for you. A Dive Program can vary for each diver. It could be that you are looking to start a course in your language, prefer small groups or find a dive center that is connected with a specific dive organization. From all the results that come up you can choose a Dive Program that is the least expensive or one that is super close to your accommodation. Whatever your priorities are to finding your Dive Program…we are sure you’ll find the Best at!

I have never done diving before, where do I find more information?

If you have never been diving before, we highly recommend you give it a try. We offer different courses that you can choose from to jump in for the first time. Please check out our Courses for more information. Perhaps you would like to check out the Try Dive or Learn to Dive section.

Can I just start any course?

All courses you would like to sign up for do require you to be medically fit to dive and also be comfortable in the water. Aside from the Introduction Dive and Learn to Dive, all other courses do require some other kind of prerequisites. In most situations you are able to start your next course if you have completed the course prior on the list. Depending a little on dive organization standards they could require a minimum number of dives to apply. For exact information you can contact the Dive Center of your Dive Program.

Can I go out on any dive trip?

Participating on dive trips will require you to have a valid diving certification. If you have not done diving for a while, it is possible Dive Centers recommend or require a refresher dive before signing up for a dive trip. For exact information you can contact the Dive Center of your Dive Program.

Can I bring my own dive gear?

Yes you absolutely can! Make sure you check the box “I Only Need Air & Weights” on the advanced filter option.

Do I need to be medically fit before diving?

Yes you need to be medically fit! Anytime you start a diving course it will be mandatory to complete a medical questionnaire.When participating on a Dive Trip, Dive Centers could ask you to complete a medical form. Please contact Dive Centers directly for more information.


How do I find a Dive Program?

Finding your Dive Program, start with selecting the country of your destination and optional you can choose a dive organisation. When are system finds all dive deals available, you are able to narrow down by selecting the course or dive trip.

After we have selected all the courses or dive trips for your location you can go to advanced filter to find your Dive Program. All courses and dive trips come with dive equipment, unless you choose differently. With the advanced filter options you are able to choose a specific diving organization, language and group size.

For more information, watch our video at the bottom of the page.

Why can't I find the Island or City of my destination?

At the moment we are still uploading different cities and islands. To make sure everything goes smooth and Dive Centers have the time to add their Dive Programs we start a new location once a week. Please be patient, you location will be coming soon!

What does an "Official Dive Center" banner mean?

When Dive Centers have the “Official Dive Center” Banner in the image, they are officially registered with a large diving organization.

Can I select a language?

Yes, at the moment we offer the language Spanish, English, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish and French. More languages will be added soon!

Can I select a maximum group size?

Yes, at the bottom of the advanced filter options you are able to choose group size. This option does not mean solely your group! It means the maximum group size, Dive Center take on their courses or dive trips.

What does PADI, SSI, NAUI, SDI and CMAS mean?

There are different worldwide recognized diving organization promoting the fun and safety of diving. Each organization has slightly different standards that Dive Center and Instructors/Guides have to follow.


How do I make a booking?

After you have filtered down all the options, you hopefully find your Dive Program. Select the Dive Program for more information and you are able to contact the Dive Center with a message. Go to the “GET IN TOUCH” button and request more information or make a booking.

How long are Dive Programs valid for?

As long as the Dive Program is on the website the Dive Program is valid. Would you like to make sure you’re not missing out! Contact the Dive Center and communicate your arrival date.

What if a Dive Program turns out to be incorrect?

It should not be happening that your Dive Program was incorrect. But in the unlikely event that the Dive Center charges a different rate, the language you selected is not available or maybe the group size turned out larger than you selected, please contact us directly. To respond correctly to any incorrect information we would need a Dive Center name, location and Dive Program. It would be very helpful to even make a screenshot of the Dive Program. Send your message to with the subject Dive Program Fail. With all the information we are able to contact the Dive Center directly and strive to inform every diver better next time.

Are there reviews about Dive Centers from previous divers?

Yes, most Dive Centers have a review page on Tripadvisor. At them moment we are working to implement a review feature on the website.

Can I review the Dive Center we visited?

Yes, you are able to review your diving experience on TripAdvisor.


What currency are prices listed in?

All Dive Programs prices are listed in American Dollars (USD).

What is included in the prices on each Dive Program?

Our policy is that all prices are including taxes and other government fees.


Some locations still charge a Marine Park Fee. This is not included in the Dive Program price.


All dive trips you select are including dive equipment. You are able to change this switching the options “I Only Need Air & Weights”.


All certification courses come with student materials and additional fees, like certification costs.

Does refund any payments?

No, a booking is made directly with the Dive Center and you have paid them for the activity you signed up for. So, they shall refund any payment you have done, if that is stated in their refund policies.

Can I cancel a Dive Program booking?

For any cancellations please contact the Dive Center directly. is not able to book any of your courses or trips, so not able to complete your cancellation.

What are my payment options?

At we don’t take any payments to complete your booking. Please contact the Dive Center to receive more information about their payment options.

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