Introduction dive

Introduction Scuba Diving

Take your first breaths under the water!

The introduction scuba diving program is designed for anyone who has never done diving before and wish to give it a try. Depending where you are in the world, the program does vary a little bit.

The program will start with a small theory session to inform you about the scuba rules we have to follow. When everyone understands the basic knowledge of scuba diving you start preparing for the actual dive. After showing you step by step the dive equipment, your instructor will take you into the shallow and experience this amazing feeling of breathing underwater.

Option 1: When Dive Centers do not have direct access to open water, your first scuba diving experience could be in a pool only.

Option 2: When Dive Centers do have direct access to open water, they could take you for a real open water dive after you have completed the pool/shallow water session.

Lets Discover Scuba!

No diving certification needed!


It is highly recommended to complete a Dive Medical Questionnaire. With most diving activities, it is mandatory to complete a questionnaire prior to diving at any Dive Center and it’s part of general Dive Organization Standards. Confirm if you are fit to dive by downloading the medical questionnaire. Any questions or doubts you may have, or answers with “yes”, please visit a physician for more medical advise related to diving.


Learn to Dive

Minimum age: 10 Years old.

Prerequisites: You should be reasonably fit, comfortable in the water and have completed a medical form at the dive center.