Divemaster Internships

Divemaster Internships

Change your Life!

I am ready to change my life and become a scuba professional.

Take the next step in your career!

Become a Dive Instructor!

Ready to change your life and become a pro!

Interested in becoming a professional? During a Divemaster Internship they teach you everything from guiding, teaching and assisting new and certified divers. A real challenge and great experience spending some time with a Dive Center.


It is highly recommended to complete a Dive Medical Questionnaire. With most diving activities, it is mandatory to complete a questionnaire prior to diving at any Dive Center and it’s part of general Dive Organization Standards. Confirm if you are fit to dive by downloading the medical questionnaire. Any questions or doubts you may have, or answers with “yes”, please visit a physician for more medical advise related to diving.


Scuba Dive Trips

Minimum age: 10 Years old.

Prerequisites: You must a diver certification.

You should be reasonably fit, comfortable in the water and possible complete a medical form at the dive center.