Frequently Asked Questions for DC

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should my Dive Center be on

We make it easy and possible for you to share your dive trips and dive courses with scuba divers from around the world.

What better way to promote your dive programs then on and its for FREE!

You can set up custom dive programs, change prices for high or low season and upload awesome images of your beautiful location. Has it been challenging to make your Dive Center stand out from the rest? At, we know you have amazing dive programs and we are excited to finally share them with the world!

How do I register my Dive Center?

You are able to register with your Dive Center at when you sign up. Just make sure you check the box “Register me as a Dive Center”. If you forgot to check this box, you are still able to do so in the “Membership Settings”.

Why can't I find my city?

Your location will automatically be added to the search on the homepage when you sign up your Dive Center and share your dive programs.


How do I share my dive programs?

First of all, make sure you are registered as a Dive Center. When you are registered you can go to “Membership setting” to activate the membership plan. When your membership plan is activated, you are able to start submitting new dive programs.


Enter the name of your Dive Center followed with the name of your Dive Program. So for example ABC Dive Center – Introduction Dive


Complete a short description about your Dive Program. Your divers would like to know maybe more about the schedule, course information and your dive site. But keep it short!!! We recommend not using more than 100 words.


For the search filter to work perfect, choose now the course or dive trip you are promoting.


When your Dive Center is officially registered with a large diving organization, you can add the “Official Dive Center” banner.


You can select your city and change the country. For the address you can enter the name of your Dive Center and click on the marker. The marker of google maps now jumps right to your location. If this doesn’t work, it could be that your Dive Center is not registered with google or google maps. You are able to move the marker to your Dive Center manually.


Choose the price for your Dive Program and start checking the boxes that count for this Program.

IMPORTANT: All Dive Programs listed are in American Dollars (USD).


Check the box if you have accommodation included in your Dive Program.


All your Dive Programs start with dive equipment included. If your Dive Program is excluding dive equipment, check the box “I Only Need Air & Weights”.


When you are organizing dive trips or teaching courses in small groups (max 4 divers on 1 dive pro), check the box “Max 1-4 Divers”.


Choose the Dive Organization of your Dive Program.


You are able to upload 3 images of your Dive Program. Check the quality of your image! A blurry picture is not working well with your Dive Program. Best size for the image should be 800×600


Check the box “I understand” when your read the agreement and submit your Dive Program. Please give us a couple of hours to approve your Dive Program.


Please check out our tutorial videos at the bottom of the page.

Why does my Best Dive Program needs to be approved?

At, the quality of the Dive Progams that are listed and maintaining the search engine are our highest priorities. This all to give your divers and your dive center the best experience using this platform. Each Dive Program will be screened and can take up to 24hrs. Please check out your page to see when your Dive Program has been published.

Why is my Dive Program still not approved?

Please check one of the following reasons your dive deal has not been approved.

  1. Is the name of your Dive Deal correct? Your Dive Deal should start with name Dive Center / Name Dive Deal. For Example ABC DIVE CENTER / INTRODUCTION DIVE
  2. Have you filled out the correct city/island and country?
  3. Did you upload an image?
  4. Have you moved your location on google maps?
  5. Did you select a course or dive trip?
  6. Is your dive deal incorrect? For example you provide dive equipment during the course or dive trip, but selected “I only need Air & Weights” in the category.
  7. Have you selected the “Official Dive Center” option in Type? But your Dive Center is not registered with a large diving organization.
  8. Is your dive deal for a specific audience? Dive Deals should be for everyone the same.

If you disagree with any of the following options and you believe your dive deal should be approved, please email

Our quality management team is screening each Dive Program. For any of the following situations your Dive Program has been removed without notification.

  1. Your dive program did not match with any of the programs we are offering on the website?
  2. The content of the dive program (including images) is irrelevant, sexual, violent or in any other way unprofessional.
  3. The content of your dive program is false.

Can I change anything to my Dive Program?

Yes you absolutely can! Make sure you sign in and you go to “My Dive Programs”. Here you can change your dive program by selecting the edit button. You can change anything you like, price, description and images. You can also view before saving or delete your dive program.

Why does my Dive Center rates have to be including taxes, dive equipment etc.?

At BestDiveDeals we would like to make everything as clear as possible for your divers. The price divers find on your program should be including all taxes, manuals, equipment and other fees.


Marine park fees can be charged separately!

What does group size mean?

With your group size option you let your divers choose if they would like to go out in a small group. This doesn’t mean how many divers are coming to your dive center.


Can divers make a booking?

Yes they can! Make sure you entered a valid email address and divers interested in your dive program can send an email from

How to change my contact email address?

You are able to change your contact information at “Membership Settings”.

How long is my Dive Program valid for?

Your dive program is valid for the duration it is visible on If you wish to delete your dive deal, go to “My Dive Programs” and edit your program.

Can divers review my Dive Center?

Yes they could! At the moment your divers are able to review your Dive Center on TripAdvisor. We are working on a review system.


Are there any cost to my Dive Center when listing Dive Programs?

No, is free!


What are the privacy policies, terms and conditions?

When you update your profile in the “membership setting”, you agree with the privacy policy, terms and conditions.

  • All images a Dive Center uploads to are free of use by to benefit all marketing and promotion of Images are free of use on the website, social media and all other ways that’s beneficial for promoting
  • can not be held responsible for results coming from your “dive program”.
  • has all rights to change, delete or add your dive program to maintain an overall equal appearance on the website.
  • You sign up for newsletters from with information about and recommendations how you can promote your business on our platform.
Questions! Please don't hesitate to contact us!