Advanced Scuba Diver Course

Advanced Scuba Diver Course

Become a Advanced Diver!

I have a diver certification and ready to take the next step.

Ready for Rescue Diverl!

Have you completed the Advanced Course and are you ready for some Serious Fun?

Jump in for the next scuba diving adventure!

Explore new dive sites around the world and expand your diving experience during the advanced course. This course is built upon theory sessions and 5-6 open water training dives easily spread out over 2-3 days.


It is highly recommended to complete a Dive Medical Questionnaire. With most diving activities, it is mandatory to complete a questionnaire prior to diving at any Dive Center and it’s part of general Dive Organization Standards. Confirm if you are fit to dive by downloading the medical questionnaire. Any questions or doubts you may have, or answers with “yes”, please visit a physician for more medical advise related to diving.


Scuba Dive Trips

Minimum age: 10 Years old.

Prerequisites: You must a diver certification.

Ready to explore the underwater world after certification? Lets go and find an awesome dive trip!